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what's good?

I could never be a politician because whenever I’m at the climax of a facebook debate I get really hot and anxious

On a scale of tumblr’s video player to Beyonce, how functional are you?

"The evil enchantress in the second book is me, and a lot of her past relationships are based on relationships I had."  -


1. Fell in love and told her deepest and darkest secrets to him, only to find out it was a prank, and he told everyone all the things she told him.

2. Fell in love with a man who didn’t want to touch her, and if he did, it was only to physically hurt and harm her.

3. This man was more in love with the idea of being with someone special, than her actual self, so she tried to help him out so that they could be more equal. He left her for someone else.

4. He wanted to keep their relationship a secret, which at first was okay, but then she realized that it was actually because he was ashamed of them, and ashamed of her.

5. Best friends, and he never reciprocated her love, no matter how hard she tried.

Well that’s heart wrenching

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