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take a shot every time Derek is described as a Greek god

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Sterek AU | based on the fic It’s been like years since it’s been clear

Summary: It’s six-thirty in the morning, but there are warm lights behind the floor-to-ceiling, de-boarded windows, and the ‘For Sale’ sign on the door has disappeared along with Stiles’ memory of where he’d been headed just moments before. The coffee shop is, apparently, open for business once more.

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me as a parent:


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'I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those plans before too actually and it was scary as hell.' It really is. That's why I hate when people call Lydia horrible names for 'treating Stiles like crap' or ignoring him. Lydia, preshow, has had to deal with Stiles' come ons for YEARS, over time you HAVE to ignore him and not be nice to him because when you are guys take it as a sign of you warming up to him. There's no winning you're either a bitch for ignoring them or a tease for being nice
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=) So true anon, sorry you had to go through that, no one should have to.


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